What’s Your Favorite Garage Door Color?

What’s Your Favorite Garage Door Color

Garage doors are one of the most prominent and customizable parts of the house. Not only do overhead doors provide function as entryways but they also compliment the rest of your home. These days, there are so many color combinations available for new garage doors, the choice can be overwhelming. Though much depends on taste, you naturally want the color of your door to complement the rest of your home and ultimately find its place within the rest of the styles of your neighbors. You don’t need to necessarily conform but you also don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.

How Bold Do You Want to Go?

When deciding the color of your new garage door or a door you’re looking to restore or repair, you first need to decide how bold you want to be in your selection. Are you looking for common colors such as White, Gray, Black, Beige, or Dark brown? Or would you prefer more sensual colors like sky blue, bright purple, bold red? A little hint: You might want to check with your wife on this.

Consider the importance of practicality as well. While we love the idea of bright and bold garage doors, take into account the hard work required to maintain and clean these doors. Neighbors will easily be able to spot any stains, blemishes, dents, or cracks that end up on the door, which could make your door stand out even more. Though we don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, there’s a reason why most garage doors are neutral. Nevertheless, there are a variety of options to spruce up your curbside appeal and we invite you to find doors that fit with the aesthetical foundation that has already been laid. 

Coordinate with the Rest of the Home

It’s important to design the color of your garage door around the theme of the rest of the home. They don’t necessarily need to match exactly, but they should harmonize and complement each other. You can either use coordinating colors or contrasting colors, depending on which look you prefer.

A color that complements but also distinguishes itself can add a dynamic luster to your home that can be quite intriguing. You could also choose to complement or offset the color of the door around the trim of your home, including doorways, windows, and edges.

Found the right color? Call A Professional 

Congrats! You’ve found the perfect color for your new garage door. The next steps include finding the right garage door that not only fits all your practical needs but also sports the color you and your household have chosen. As soon as you start shopping for garage doors, consider speaking with an installation expert who can offer any advice on the type of your door you should be springing for. 

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