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DIY Garage Door Repair 101: How to Replace Bottom Seal

Restoring the bottom seal on your garage door can dramatically cut down on its draftiness. It’s a fairly easy job you can do yourself in an afternoon for about $50.

Start by lifting the garage to about eye level. Pull off the old garage door bottom seal through the gap behind the garage door track. Next measure the width, height and thickness of your garage door. Use these measurements to buy the right size sealing lip and a new garage door bottom seal. You’ll also want weather stripping and a tube of exterior caulk. If you have a wooden garage door, you’ll also need a can of wood sealer.

Your garage door might have a metal track that holds a replaceable bottom seal. With use and weather, the seal will dry out and crack. You’ll want to replace it with a silicone-type seal that’s better at withstanding rain, mud and other weather.

Replacing the Track

Lift the door so the track is out of the way, and slide out the old rubber seal. If the track is crimped, a flat screwdriver works will bend it back into shape. You can always remove it by cutting it into pieces as well.

Clean the bottom of the door with a razor knife. Thread the seal edges back into the track and slide it across the door. This tends to be easier said than done and an extra pair of hands to help push goes a long way. Yep, you’re going to swear, but remember we’re only a phone call away and we do emergency garage door repairs.

Clean the concrete near the threshold with degreaser and water, rinse and let it dry. Roll the threshold back into place. Gently close the door to make sure it meets with the seal. Mark the edge of the threshold with caulk and glue it into place.

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