Air Curtains Aren’t Just for Restaurants & Stores

Air curtains are commonly found in large commercial businesses, though they can be found in a variety of other locations. Not only are they a fantastic tool to keep outside smells and dust out, but they help regulate the temperature on the inside by not allowing air to escape. An air curtain can do wonders for cleanliness and comfortability in a commercial garage. Depending on the business you run and how long your garage stays open for, installing an air curtain might be a great addition that your employees will adore. In fact, an air window can probably save you some money if used strategically.  

What Is an Air Curtain? 

A staple of restaurants and big box stores, air curtains hang above entry doors blasting cool air, creating a literal barrier between the interior and exterior of the establishment. The air window prevents pollutants, dust, bugs, and foul odours from entering the business, leaving the interior pleasant and clean. For employees, installing an air curtain could mean a reduction in allergies and dealing with pesky bugs. They’ll save time on cleaning too as dust and other debris won’t be forced inside.

Beyond promoting a clean, pleasant workplace, air curtains also regulate the air within the business. This is particularly helpful during hot summer months as the air window can stop the exterior, scorching air from coming inside. Employees and customers will absolutely the pleasant work environment, while you’ll notice less wear and tear on your AC and heating units, depending on the season. 

Air Curtains for Commercial Garages

If you own a commercial garage, it’s safe to say that the overhead door is open for a decent portion of the day as cars come in and out. There’s also a strong probability that the garage is always populated with employees, either while they work or as they commune. Installing an air curtain in a commercial garage is a fantastic opportunity to keep the area clean. The air window will keep out dust and debris from entering the garage, which will save your crew time on clean up. Commercial garages are often located in industrial areas, so having an air curtain blowing down the garage will prevent any foul smells from entering the garage. Simple quality of life improvements likes these can boost the workflow from employees, especially during summer months when bugs and insects are trying to enter your business. 

No one likes to work in the heat but if you run a commercial garage, there’s a strong chance your door is open for a good portion of the day. An air window will blow cool air down, creating a barrier that stops hot air from mingling with the A.C. A simple installation like this can stop you from overusing your air conditioner, putting money back in your pocket. With an air curtain, you’ll be able to regulate the amount of cool air that comes out, depending on the weather. Air curtains are a fantastic tool in commercial businesses but their reach shouldn’t stop there. They can help promote workflow in commercial garages and keep the area clean and dust-free, all things employees and owners will appreciate.

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