What are the Parts of Your Garage Door?

You don’t really consider the parts of your garage door until you are considering doing one of two things: repairing a garage door or choosing a new one to install. Here’s a brief breakdown of the most common garage door parts and what they do.

Garage Door Springs

The springs are what make raising and lowering your door so easy, despite the fact that it weighs several hundred pounds. Your springs are able to do that because they are under incredible tension, which makes them extremely dangerous to work with. Mounted on each side of a garage door wall, extension springs lift the weight of the door up and down. The tension spring holds is winds up when your garage door closes and maintain stored energy under tension.

Brackets & Hinges

The brackets and hinges hold the separated boards of garage door together. They allow the door to bend as it rolls up and down. Overtime, these parts will need to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to tighten them down with a wrench every few months. This will help your door operate smoother and more efficiently.

Garage Door Track

Your garage door track is on either side of the garage door and provides surface area for the rollers to raise and lower the garage door. It is possible for your garage door to come off track. If this happens, stop using the door immediately! Always reset it back to the track or call a professional.

Garage Door Rollers

The rollers on your garage door are what make the door run so smoothly. If your door starts to stick, this is the garage door part you’ll want to lubricate. Scouring it with rubber wool will help eliminate rust. You could also try soaking the rollers in Coca Cola and then kerosene. This will first remove any rust from hard to reach areas and help protect the rollers from further rust. If you need to replace the hinges, call a professional. These hinges are under a great deal of pressure and can be potentially hazardous.