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Does Your Garage Door Repair Require the Service of a Professional?

We’re all about the DIY movement. If you can do a garage door repair yourself — safely and effectively, why not? But there’s no shame in admitting when a repair is over your head or beyond your skill level. There’s an art — indeed an important survival skill — in knowing when to call a professional garage door service. Some repairs are too dangerous — and some downright difficult. You could end up hurting yourself or your family — or cause expensive damage to your door.

Here are some facts to consider:

  • About 1,600 injuries every year cause by DIY garage door repairs gone wrong end up the the emergency room.
  • Over 2,000 people are injured every year by falling garage doors (usually by busted springs, which hold up the door).
  • At least 36 children have been crushed by garage doors since 1982.

Broken Springs

Many of those injuries we noted are the result of broken springs — or a novice homeowner attempting to fix springs themselves. Keep in mind that your garage door actually weighs hundreds of pounds. It’s a breeze to raise because of the springs. Your springs are under an incredible amount of tension. If they should suddenly snap — say when you’re trying to repair or replace them — they release with such violent force they can serious injury if not kill you. Always hire a professional garage door repair service for anything spring related.

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