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Why You Should Never DIY a Garage Door Install Job

Installing a garage door is a fairly sizable and important investment. Most people only install one or two their entire lives. And it is true that a new door has one of the strongest returns on investment you can get when it comes to home improvement — virtually dollar for dollar.

But it’s important to realize that garage door installation is not a DIY job. You really should hire a professional to do it. For one thing, you can be sure you’ll get the most for your investment. And you can be sure it will be installed correctly and safely. In fact, you may actually void the warranty of the door if you try to install it yourself.

DIY Installation Isn’t Always Safe

Installing a new garage door yourself can pose real dangers. The garage door spring is under intense tension and can be incredibly hazardous. Mishandling it during installation can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Other dangers include improper alignment, which may cause the door to malfunction, fall, or collapse. To ensure safety, proper function, and adherence to local building codes, you should always entrust garage door installation to professionals. Technicians who have the experience and knowledge to perform the task safely.

Finding a Professional Garage Service for the Installation

So how do you choose a company you can trust? First, look up available garage door repair companies in the Roseville area. Talk to friends, family, and neighbors who have had doors installed and see who they work with. Read reviews on Google and Yelp. There really is no substituting the endorsement of a satisfied customer.

Next, make sure the company guarantees all of its work. Make sure it is certified and only hires trained and licensed professionals. If something goes wrong, will they accept responsibility? Will they come back out and do whatever’s necessary to make it right?

You deserve the very best. If you are only going to get a new door once or twice in your lifetime, make sure it’s professionally installed and certified.

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