New Garage Door? Why You Should Play It Safe with a Pro Installer

When it’s time to invest in a garage door, don’t be tempted to bust out a few YouTube videos to save yourself the cost on installation. For a door to function properly, it must be installed properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging your new door. In fact, an improperly installed garage door can be dangerous to family and pets. Always rely on professional garage doors installers to be sure the job is done right.

Videos Only Make It Look Easy

YouTube videos may make the job of installing a new door look easy, but the truth is quite different. Professional technicians have years of training and certification to be able to do it correctly and safely. If you don’t know what you’re doing, installing a door can be difficult, frustrating and downright dangerous. You could also damage your door, wasting substantial investment.

Garage Doors Can Be Dangerous

There are a number of safety concerns when it comes to installing garage doors, especially when it comes to springs. The springs are under incredible tension and cause serious bodily injury if they suddenly snap. There are also weight issues and electrical concerns when it comes to putting in a new door.

Don’t Void the Warranty

A new door will come with a warranty, but if you don’t have the door installed by a certified professional, you may void the warranty. Even self repairs can void a warranty. Always call a professional to be sure.