What Does It Cost to Replace Garage Door Springs?

The average cost to repair a garage door spring is between $100 to $200, while the average cost to replace a spring is about $20 to $30 in garage door parts plus $180 in labor. And considering that each spring only has so many life-cycles in it, and the fact that repairing a spring costs nearly as much as it does to outright replace the spring, getting a new spring just makes the most economic sense.

Here are some signs your springs might need replaced:

  • They squeak excessively, even after being oiled.
  • The springs are rusty or brittle.
  • You have a hard time opening or closing your door, and it just seems out of balance.
  • Your springs outright break, usually a loud pop followed by a flaying of metal.

Should You Fix the Springs Yourself?

We know what you’re thinking: There’s a little voice in the back of your head that says for $20 to $30 in parts, you could replace your springs yourself if you do your own labor. But when you’re estimating garage door spring replacement cost, don’t forget to weigh in the cost of an emergency room bill, easily $300 even if you have great insurance.

Replacing your garage door springs yourself is extremely dangerous. These springs are under incredible tension, essentially storing all the energy needed to make lifting a several pound door feel like a piece of cake.

If the spring should suddenly snap, it can cause serious bodily injury, even death. A professional has both the training and the proper tools to do the job safely and effectively.