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Simple Steps to DIY Garage Door Maintenance

Garages can be tricky. Sometimes a repair is complicated enough to call a professional; other times it’s a quick DIY fix that requires very little. When is it time to know if you’ve got this or are beyond your skill level? Here are a few things you can try before you call in the pros.

The first step to garage door repair is to identify the problem. Lower the door and watch it operate. Is it shaking? There might be a problem with the rollers. If it doesn’t open with the remote or wall switch but works when you’ve disconnected the opener, it might be an opener repair issue.

Repairing a Door Off Track

Is the door tight against the track? Check the track for dents or misalignment. Place a wooden block where the dented area is and hammer it out with a wooden hammer. Go easy. You don’t want to further damage the track.

If the track is misaligned, loose the screws to even it out.

Fixing a Noisy Garage Door

A noisy door may be easily fixed with an application of garage door lubricant. Be sure to use an oil specifically designed for a garage door — not WD40! This will cause the door to rust prematurely.

Noise can also be minimized by tightening down all bolts with a wrench.

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