Wood, Steel or Aluminum Garage Doors: Which is Best?

When deciding what type of new garage door to get, you naturally have budget and insulation factors to consider. The type of material you choose is probably the single biggest factor affecting these issues. Modern garage doors can not only fit various budgets but also a diverse set of needs. Each material has its pros and cons, from weather durability to aesthetics. Here are the 3 most common types of garage door materials that you should be considering.

Wood/Wood Composite

Wood tends to be the most expensive garage door material. It also requires more maintenance and upkeep. It will need to be sanded and painted every few years.

That’s not much of a drawback as many people love the natural beauty that comes from wooden garage doors. There is something rustic and authentic about a wood garage door. The disadvantage is wood can be susceptible to rot and insects, so you might want to consider something less attractive to creepy crawlers. Wooden doors also don’t have the weather durability that steel doors tend to have. That’s not to say they can’t handle some storms, but if the most important factor in a garage door is its ability to endure harsh weather, you might want to look elsewhere.  As noted, wood is also one of the most expensive garage door materials- after all, you’re paying for pure, natural beauty. You could opt for a wood composite garage door which has the same natural appeal but for less cost.


Quality steel doors are made from galvanized steel. They require less maintenance than wood, but can rust and dent easily. On the plus side, they’re far easier to clean. Modern steel garage doors have moved away from the brooding and generic grey that used to dominate suburbs. If you’re looking for style, most steel garage doors offer considerable variety to choose from. Good looks aren’t the only thing you’ll get with this material, as steel doors are some of the strongest on the market.  You’ll want at least 24 or 25 gauge so it can stand up to the elements, especially the harsh winter rain storms we tend to get in Roseville, California.


The beauty of aluminum doors is they are very lightweight, Both functionally and on the wallet. Aluminum garage doors can be much cheaper than steel doors and can still present some of the beauty found in wooden doors. Modern aluminum garage doors are sturdier, heavier and dent resistant. Most are also corrosion-resistant, which means you won’t be stuck with rust overtime if you neglect maintenance duties. Aluminum doors are also the easiest to clean as all you’ll need is some water, soap optional! 

Garage Door Installation Can Be Quick & Easy

There are tons of different materials out there that should fit your garage’s needs. While wood, steel, and aluminum are the most common, we invite you to look into glass and fiberglass doors as well! Once you’ve found the perfect garage door replacement, you now have the headache of having it installed. You’ll have to dismantle your current door and then replace it with another heavy, likely 200-hundred-pound door. Simply put: garage door installation is not for weekend handymen. You’ll have to find the best garage door installation company in your area to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

After all, you’ve spent thousands finding the perfect garage door replacement. There’s no way you want it to be handled by those who are barely experienced. A quality garage door installation company can walk you through the buying process of finding the perfect door. Beyond that, they’ll be able to get your new door installed quickly so you don’t have to wait around all day.  If you’re at a crossroads or simply stuck, give us a call to get some advice on the best material for your garage. After that, we’d love to install your new garage door!

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