How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Motor

If you hear a clicking in your garage door opener but the garage door doesn’t budge, chances are you’ve got a burned out motor. Sometimes there will be a slight smell of smoke. No worries. Replacing your garage door opener is a fairly easy DIY garage door repair if you are somewhat mechanically inclined. Here’s how to do it.

You’ll first want to purchase a replacement kit. It is very important that you get a kit that’s compatible with the HP of your garage door opener. A garage with space for two cars typically takes a motor with ½ horsepower.

The motor gear is a white-toothed wheel, which is mounted on a long metallic piece called the sprocket shaft.

Disconnect Your Garage Door Opener

Close your garage door. Next, unplug your garage door opener. Disconnect the trolley and the motor by unplugging the connected cables. Adjust the tension nut mounted on top of the trolley to loosen the chain. Remove the cap that holds the chain on top of the motor unit. Take the chain off the unit’s sprocket.

Disconnect & Detach the Old Motor

Take a close look at how the motor gear is connected. (This is the white gear inside your opener.) Remove the plastic retaining clip holding it in place. Dislodge the limit switch assembly by pushing the brackets on its sides. Remove any wires connected to the motor. (Mark these terminals for future reference.) Remove the old motor assembly and unscrew it from its place.

Connecting the New Motor

Connect the new motor by reconnecting the screws. Attach the capacitor to the old wires. Replace the limit switch assembly, followed by the RPM sensor. Reconnect any wires you removed previously.

Finally, lube all the moving parts within the motor, especially the gear, before you turn the opener on. Test it out. Hopefully, your garage door opener should be running smoothly again.

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