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Broken or Rusted Springs Repairs: The Most Common Garage Door Repair and Issue

Garage door springs allow the opening and shutting of your carport entryway easily by counterbalancing the weight of the door. There are two kinds of garage door springs: torsion springs and expansion springs. For some doors, only one spring is needed, for most doors, two is the standard.


How do my garage door springs break?

The most common reasons for breaking springs are normal wear and tear, poor support, big changes in temperature, and many more. Since this is one of the most common repairs, we carry all the necessary tools and parts to repair springs quickly and easily


Is my spring broken?

If your garage door isn’t opening, one of the most common causes is a broken spring If you happen to be close by when it actually breaks, you’ll hear a very loud noise which indicates that a spring has failed. We strongly recommend not physically forcing your door open as it can be very dangerous without the counterweight of the spring.

Garage Door Parts for Any Kind of Repair

Garage Door Parts

If your carport entryway is not working as it ought to, there may simply be a part that needs replacement. Whether it’s just routine repairs or swapping parts that are near the end of their life cycle, or an emergency that requires immediate attention, we can give you the professional and friendly help you need.

To provide you with fast and efficient service, we stock a vast array of parts for garage door repair and replacement. In the rare occasion that you’re door requires a part we don’t stock, we have great relationships with garage door part suppliers who can rush ship a part to repair your door ASAP.

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