Don’t Install Your Garage Door Opener without These Handy Tips!

When choosing a garage door opener to install, it’s important to choose the proper horsepower engine for the size of your garage door. You’ll want a 1/3 hp or 1/2 hp opener for a single garage door 1/2 hp for a double door and 3/4 hp for a door that has a wood or faux wood overlay (which tends to be heavier.)

Keep in mind that higher horsepower doesn’t affect the speed the door opens since the opener has a set opening speed.

Forget those Flimsy Straps

Make sure you use a heavy duty angle iron. Never settle for the flimsy strap that comes with some openers. The more solidly mounted your garage door opener installation is, the less sway and vibration you’ll have, and it will last longer. You can buy slotted angle iron at most hardware stores.

Use All New Components

Make sure you don’t reuse the old photoelectric eyes and opener wall button. These parts are specifically designed for each opener. Use the parts that come with the opener for optimal use.

Check Your Garage Doors Force

You’ll also want to check the opener’s force. Place your foot on the edge of the door and work the opener. It should stop automatically with minimal pressure. If not, you’ll want to adjust the force of the door.