Garage Door Off Track? Our DIY Home Repair Guide

If your garage door comes off its track, stop using it immediately. Continuing to open or close the door could damage the door or its components. If damage has been done, you may need to call a professional to repair the door and put it back on its track.

If you stop using it as soon as you notice the garage door off track, you able to slide the rollers back into place and reattach the door yourself.

Disengage the Chain

Start by separating the automatic garage door opener from the door by pulling on the rope dangling from the chain that connects the door to the opener. Partially raise the door until one set of rollers aligns with the area that’s off track. Use a pair of locking pliers just below the bottom of the door to secure the door in that location.

Get Down to Business

Use a pair of pliers to open up the area of the track that disengaged from the garage door. Guide the rollers back into the track and squeeze the track back into place. Place a block of wood in the track to work as a buffer as you use either pliers or a nail to bend the track back into shape.

Remove the locking pliers and lower the door back to the ground. Work the door’s remote control to close the door. The release chain should automatically catch.

Work the door up and down to see if it is working properly. Pay attention to any rollers that are catching and straighten that area of the track. Once the door opens smoothly, congratulate yourself on a DIY repair job well done.