Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs You Need Garage Door Drum Replacement

The drums of your garage door are those wheels at the end of the bar on top of the door that act as spools to wind up your garage door cables. These cables can be under an incredible amount of tension. After all, they’re designed to lift a hundred-pound door with ease. That’s why replacing your garage door drums or cables is really a job that is best left to a professional. One wrong move could easily land you in the emergency room. These cables can cause serious bodily injury or even death.

Garage door drum replacement is needed if there are any signs of damage such as cracks, broken pieces, or door warpage. If your door is making excessive noise that can’t be contributed to a faulty garage door opener, there’s a chance your drums are the reason why. Because the drum is connected to the door’s moving parts, there’s a strong possibility that the noise is stemming from there. This can also contribute to shaking, which causes noises. Because garage door repair is so complex, it might be difficult for laymen and hobbyist handymen to understand what exactly is wrong with a door. That’s why we recommend having your door inspected annually by someone with experience. A trained professional eye can help spot any weak, damaged or failing components of your garage door. That way you can get the garage door fixed before it’s actually a problem. If ignored, it’s a problem that could result in a garage door emergency, as well as more expensive repairs.

Buying New Garage Door Drums

Garage door drums are relatively inexpensive, with most models coming in at $50 or so with a pair. Of course, garage door drums aren’t standard and require specific dimensions to fin on your door. If your overhead garage door is experiencing drum issues, don’t head to the hardware store unless you have the exact type required. Your best bet in this case is to let a garage door repair company handle your new drums, they’ll have a wide array of parts that fits your door. 

Additionally, installing garage door drums can be a complex process for many. If you’re not an expert on garage door mechanics, always leave the installation to a professional. Attempting to install the drums yourself can lead to further damage to the door or even injury to yourself. A professional garage door technician will have the experience necessary to install the drums safely. A professional install can also ensure that your garage door operates smoothly. Investing in professional installation can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Consider an Annual Garage Door Inspection

Properly working garage door drums are important, both for the smooth functioning of your garage door and your own safety. This and other issues are why we always recommend having your garage door inspected by a professional garage door repair company. They can help identify issues of repair before there’s a problem. This way you can address any potential issues proactively.

In addition to drums, your garage door service can also inspect your springs, tracks, and rollers. These parts will naturally wear out overtime. Inspection should be part of your regular maintenance plan so you stay ahead of repairs.

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