How to Find Quality Garage Door Repair

If you own a home, having a reliable garage door repair company is just as important as having a family dentist or doctor. If something goes wrong with your overhead garage door, which it inevitably will eventually, who can you turn to? There are so many options for garage door repair in Roseville. Where do you even begin? It can be difficult finding the right garage door repair company, but if you find one that works for you, you’ll be a customer for life. In fact, you’ll be able to recommend their services to those closest to you. But, if you don’t have an overhead repair and installation company in mind, it’s best to speak with those closest to you for their picks. 

Should You Try Repairing Your Garage by Yourself?

Often homeowners will want to try to save money DIYing their own garage door repairs. Though regular maintenance such as lubrication and tightening nuts and bolts are likely easy enough for you to handle, more skilled repairs should be left in the hands of experts.

For instance, garage door cables and springs are deceivingly simple to spot as a problem, but should almost never be repaired without the skillful hands of an expert. Number one, because they’re under extreme pressure and are dangerous if they snap. But also, because, unless they are very old, should not be wearing down very quickly on their own. There are likely other issues that need to be considered which takes vetted technicians to spot. The same goes for many other parts of the garage.

Get First Hand Accounts

Start by talking with family, friends, and coworkers who own homes about which garage door repair companies they’ve worked with. How about your neighbors? What have their experiences been? Who do they trust? Are there any horror stories you should avoid? Word of mouth references can be so valuable in finding a company to whom you can trust your family’s safety and security. If those closest to you trust them with their garage door, there’s a chance that yours will be treated with respect and care as well. 

Beyond speaking with friends and family, there are a variety of ways to find competent and respected garage door repair companies. To find the best repair companies to fix your overhead door, you’ll have to head over to the internet. 

Google Garage Door Repair Companies

Do a Google search on garage door repair in your area. Take a close look at the sites that come in at the top of the results. If they rank high in the search bar, that’s a good sign, but is by no means definitive. Always look at the quality of the site. Does it have annoying images that look out of date? Is there any indication the company has been local for a while? Do they have any testimonials that read genuine? How is their social media presence? Make a list of the repair companies that seem legitimate.  

Read Reviews

Next, search Google reviews for the garage door repair companies you’ve found so far. Sure, some competitors and even a few trolls may post negative views on purpose that aren’t exactly accurate. Pore through the reviews that are available and see how consistent they are. Is the company great at installations but poor at repairs? Are customers repeatedly pointing out issues with certain door repairs? Compare well-worded and thought out reviews with poor ones. If some reviews feel spammy or don’t feel genuine, there’s a chance that they’re paid. Trust in your fellow customers; they want you to have a hassle-free repair experience.  

Further Research

After perusing through the Google reviews, see how the door repair companies you’ve found stack up with the Better Business Bureau. After comparing those results, ensure that the companies you’re considering are licensed and insured. When looking for a professional garage door company, there are a number of critical criteria you should be sure the company has. First, are they certified — meaning the company is licensed and only employs certified professionals? Secondly, do they guarantee all their work? The company should be able to stand by their service with a quality commitment — and if anything does go wrong, it’s on them. And to make sure they can follow up on that commitment — are they insured? Accidents happen to even the best of companies — and sometimes range in thousands of dollars in damages. Do they have the insurance protection to ensure you aren’t left holding the bag? These qualities are extremely important in a business, especially one that deals with repairs involving costly fixtures like garage doors. 

 Many companies that claim to offer overhead garage door service these days are little more than a website and a bad reputation. Do your research to make sure the company is reputable and delivers a quality service. After your experience, do your due diligence and leave a thorough review that breaks down the pros and cons of the repair service. It’s your duty to inform potential, local customers about the service you received and if your garage door repair company is worth their business in the future. 

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