Want the Perfect Garage Door? Factors to Consider

Once you’ve decided to install a new garage door on your home, the fun begins! There are so many styles and options to choose from. How do you decide which door is perfect for you and your budget? This guide walks you through all the factors you need to consider.

Garage Door Size

This is really where you should start the conversation. Get accurate measurements for both the width and the height. If you are choosing a door for a new home, do you want a double garage door, a single garage door, or side by side options? Need help measuring your garage door? We’d be happy to come out and make an assessment. We service customers in the Roseville, California area.

Garage Door Style

What style of garage door do you want? This is a question of aesthetics. Are you interested in mediterranean, colonial, or modern? Do you want windows, and if so, how many? Would you like to include decorative hardware? Are you looking for something retro, modern or historical? The choice is yours!

Garage Door Material

What kind of material would you like your new garage door to be made from? There are numerous choices available, depending on your style considerations and budget. Wooden doors are a popular choice because of their natural appeal — but they require more extensive maintenance. Modern aluminum doors are surprisingly resistant to dents. Fiberglass doors tend to be lighter and are easier on your garage door opener and springs. 

Do You Want an Insulated Door?

Many of our customers living in Roseville, California overlook insulation. But it can be so important in controlling energy costs. Keep in mind that an insulated garage door also keeps the heat out of your garage — which can significantly cut your air conditioning costs during the summer. 

What’s Your Budget?

You’ll want to establish a budget for your garage door. You can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on the size, quality and material of your garage door. Keep in mind that a garage door is an investment — one that has one of the highest ROIs of all home improvements. In order to optimize property value, don’t be afraid to spend. The higher the quality of your garage door, the greater the equity improvement.

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