Our 3 FAQs for New Garage Doors Answered

Getting ready to install a new garage door? Congratulations! It’s an awesome investment in the equity of your home. But it pays to do your research, as you obviously are doing — or you wouldn’t be reading this. We get asked a lot of questions about new garage doors and installation from our Roseville customers. Below are our 3 top FAQs — answered for your benefit.

Is an Insulated Garage Door Really Necessary?

We get it — you live in Roseville, California. Do you really need an insulated garage door? After all, winter is nothing but thunderstorms, right? Maybe, but it’s important to keep in mind that an insulated garage door keeps out the heat as well. That’s why an insulated garage door can mean significant savings on your air conditioning bills. And an insulated door is more sound resistant, which means fewer disruptions to your peace and quiet. 

Which Garage Door Springs Are Better?

When it comes to garage door springs, you’ve got 2 options: extension and torsion. If you have at least 12 inches of headroom above the garage door frame, you’re probably better off with torsion springs — these springs concentrate the weight of the door in the center of the frame. This ensures a smoother garage door.

How Long Will My Garage Door Last?

A newly installed garage door has an average life expectancy of 20 years. Most homeowners buy 1 or 2 garage doors during their lifetimes. This can depend on the quality of the door, how often you use it, and whether or not you do routine maintenance. Keeping it oiled and the bolts tightened can significantly improve the lifespan of your garage door.

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