Considering Glass Garage Doors? Advantages to Keep in Mind

Repairing and installing garage doors as long as we have in the Roseville area, we’re no stranger to trends. And we can tell you that glass garage installation has become extremely popular — not just for residential homes but also commercial businesses. Many trendy restaurants or businesses use these new garage doors as space separators because they are so adaptable. Many homeowners are also installing glass garage doors in an effort to update the look of their residence and boost curb appeal.

These doors are beautiful, but they are a major change to the look of your home or business. It’s worth weighing the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to installing overhead glass garage doors. Here are some factors to consider.

Curb Appeal Potential

Garage doors are the single largest front facing feature of your home. So updating your garage doors with glass has significant potential to boost your curb appeal, which does wonders for your equity value. This is a new trend in garage door installation even homeowners can enjoy.

With the right approach to design aesthetics, a new contemporary glass garage door can either match the modern look of a home or add much needed contrast to bring out other visual elements. Homes with many windows can be balanced well with a glass door, creating what practically amounts to conceptual art. 

Keep in mind that aluminum glass garage doors don’t necessarily limit you to a gray color scheme. Aluminum can come in a variety of colors. You can choose one that matches or complimentary offsets the existing colors of your home.

The Beauty of Natural Light

More and more people are using their garages as living spaces. Why not convert your garage into a yoga studio, movie den, or a relaxing lounge? Increasing the amount of natural light not only cuts down on your need for electric light — it makes the space more livable, inviting, and inspiring. Installing a new glass garage door improves the aesthetics of a garage — makes a space not only livable but comforting and inviting.

Granted, you don’t want to turn your relaxing get-away space into the neighborhood zoo. A balance of privacy can be achieved through curtains or opaque glass. This way, you get all the natural light you crave without displaying your private life to the neighbors.

Insulated Garage Door Options

Summers in Roseville, California get hot. Without the right planning, installing glass garage door panels in your home can turn the place into a virtual greenhouse.

That’s why we strongly recommend installing insulated glass garage doors. Insulation keeps out the heat, which saves you money on your air conditioning bill. These doors can be extremely environmentally efficient, if you choose the right door with thicker glass.

Easy Maintenance

Many people worry about the maintenance hassle of overhead glass garage doors. But with commercial grade aluminum framing, the door will be rust resistant and require minimal care. Naturally, you’ll have to clean them, just as you would any window. Simply washing with a soft cloth should do the trick.

Cost Vs. Value

Overhead glass garage doors may be a little pricier than a traditional garage door installation. But you have to consider that 97% of a new garage doors value gets transferred into higher equity returns on the property. That’s why you really shouldn’t stress the higher price glass doors may have. Your home will only be worth that much more.

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