Want an Eco Friendly Garage Door? A Guide to Installation

We all want to do better for the environment and leave a greener world for our children. And if we needed any more incentive than that, it’s a bonus to know that a more environmentally efficient home is also great for our pocketbook.

The same is true for garage doors. If you are environmentally conscious, we’ve got good news. You have many eco friendly options when it comes to garage door installation.

Considering how much money and energy we spend on air conditioning alone (especially in a hot climate like Roseville, California), an easy place to save for the environment and the family budget is the garage door. Installing a more energy efficient garage door brings real savings — both when it comes to your electric bill and the polar bears. Here’s why you should really consider making your garage more energy efficient, starting with an eco-conscious garage door installation garage door.

Eco Friendly Garage Door Installation

So what does eco friendly garage door installation mean anyway? It’s a brand new garage door that minimizes the impact on the environment — both in the energy it saves and through the sustainable construction materials they are made from. Here are some factors to consider when it comes to installing eco friendly garage doors.

  • The types of materials used to construct it — are they sustainable?
  • A door’s ability to sustain strong winds — this becomes more critical as weather from climate change intensifies.
  • The efficiency of the construction of the garage door — does the door use recycled materials?
  • The efficiency of the garage door — is it insulated & to what degree?
  • The quality of the door — its life expectancy.

The Benefits of Recycled or Sustainable Building Materials

Many sustainable garage door companies will install new garage doors containing recycled materials like steel or aluminum. It can be done sustainably without affecting the quality — you can still get a durable door made that utilizes recycling.

Wooden garage doors are another environmentally friendly option — but be sure the garage door company works with a supplier that follows environmental standards. You want a company that harvests lumber through efforts that ensure trees are replanted.

The Importance of Quality

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to build a door that will last. This means using high quality garage door parts that are sturdy and durable. The door, materials and functional parts should be designed to survive all types of weather — especially the intense rain storms we can get in Sacramento, California area. The beauty of a well constructed garage door is it will stay in better repair, last longer, and have fewer maintenance issues.

Consider Insulation with a High R-Value

Most people incorrectly think that insulated garage doors are all about keeping the cold out of their homes. So you wouldn’t need insulation in a hot climate like California, right? Wrong. Insulation also keeps the hot out — especially in the summer. If your garage is attached to the house, keeping that hot California weather out of your garage makes it cheaper to cool your home. You spend electricity on air conditioning, which is great for the earth, your children’s future, and your electric bill.

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