Park Smarter & Safer — The LiftMaster Park Assist

It’s okay to admit it. You’re a terrible parker (or at least someone in your family is. We don’t need to name names.)

It’s understandable. You’re leaving for work early in the morning (while it’s still dark and before the coffee’s kicked in!) And it’s not like your garage is free of stuff. Most of us pack all kinds of stuff in our garage — sporting equipment, lawn and garden equipment, gym and exercise gear. The stakes are high — your stuff is on the line, not to mention your car and the garage itself.

One wrong move can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. That’s definitely not the way to start your day!

But don’t worry! Now LiftMaster’s got your back with the Laser Garage Parking Assist!

Easy to Install & Use

It’s easy to install (and we’d be happy to install it for you!) The system can be programmed in a few minutes. It’s actually powered by your garage door opener. (Now that’s what we call a SMART garage door opener!)

How It Works

Once your opener starts to do its thing, the laser beam is activated. The beam follows the hood of the car. When you reach a predetermined point that the correct location, stop the car. The system memorizes the exact sport your car should come to rest.

Don’t worry about your eyesight! The LiftMaster Laser Garage Parking Assist is safe.

You can program your parking assistant to make it safer to park without damaging other objects in the garage or hitting the garage wall itself. The system automatically activates when the door is opened — so there’s less to think about. It’s designed for two car garages, but works well enough with one. It’s yet another way technology is making our lives easier and safer.

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