The Advantages of Regularly Maintaining Your Garage Door

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Your car naturally needs regular maintenance. But what about the hundred pound object you raise and lower several times a day to access your car? We’re always amazed at what little thought some homeowners give to regularly maintaining their garage door. Keeping your garage door in great repair will help it to last longer and operate smoother.

Like cars, keeping up on garage door maintenance can help you avoid major repairs down the road. If you neglect your garage door, it’s more likely to break — and often in expensive ways. The longer you put it off, the more expensive garage door repair gets.

But small fixes over time can be less expensive and help your garage door last longer. Most families depend on their garage doors. It makes sense to take care of them.

How’s Your Weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping — also known as your garage door bottom seal — is often overlooked, but wears out after a few years. This can let in rain and debris as well as rodents and pests. And it can let in unwanted heat during the summers, which can affect your air conditioning bill. Weatherstripping is easy to replace. Repairing your garage door bottom seal is actually a simple DIY job if you have the tools and supplies.

Regular Maintenance Means a Longer Lasting Door

If you keep up with garage door repair, it will last longer. Estimated lifespans are just that — estimated. If you don’t maintain it, the door won’t last as long as it’s supposed to. But if you keep your garage door in great repair, the door will last longer than average. You’ll save more by not having to install a new garage door as often.

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