Installing a New Overhead Garage Door? 3 Questions Your Business Needs to Ask

Installing a new overhead garage door for your commercial business? Do your research. When you’re purchasing a new overhead door for your commercial business, it’s a fundamentally different game than choosing a residential garage door. Businesses naturally have different needs than homeowners. There are numerous factors to consider in selecting the ideal door. Before you choose the type and style of new garage door for your business, ask yourself these questions. You’ll thank yourself later.

Do You Need a Fireproof Door?

If your business uses heavy machinery, open flame, or hazardous and flammable materials, fireproof options are probably the way to go. Not only is fireproofing a great safety feature for an overhead garage door, but it’s likely required by the stringent safety protocols set by your business or perhaps mandated by state law. Moreover, if you live in California, especially Roseville, with an increasingly common threat of wildfire, a fireproof door may be the proactive choice. It’s always a good idea when it comes to garage door installation.

Fireproof door options offer an extra layer of protection, especially when it comes to schools, hospitals, or nursing homes. But really any business is susceptible to fire. Protect it with a door designed to sustain fire.

Should Your Overhead Garage Door Be Insulated?

Insulation is an important factor when considering options for garage door installation for a commercial business — even in the warm weather of Roseville, California. Keep in mind that an insulated garage door keeps out the heat as well as the cold and can significantly reduce your energy costs during those hot California summers. This is especially true for commercial garage doors because these doors tend to be bigger and allow more exposure to the outside air. Plus, an insulated garage door will last longer, which is why it’s a great option for installation.

The quality of a door’s insulation is determined by its R-Factor — the higher the number the more insulated the door. Most insulated steel doors have an R-Factor of 10. We’d recommend as high as 12 or 15 if you live in a particularly cold or hot climate.

How Often Will You Use the Garage Door?

Does your business get high traffic? If so, you’ll want to install a particularly tough door that can do heavy and frequent lifting with few maintenance issues. Steel sectional doors are highly prized for their strength, insulation and energy efficiency. They are also perfect for standing up to hurricanes and other intense weather events.

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