5 Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Selling your home? The good news is that the housing market is strong these days. Want some even better news? There are simple yet strategic ways you can boost your home’s equity value — earn more cash for the sale. Want the best selling price for your home? Implement one or more of these 5 strategies to boost your home’s resale value and maximize your home investment.

Install a New Garage Door

We put this one on the top of the list because the return on investment is undeniable — nearly 97%, virtually dollar for dollar. You might think since you’re selling your home that old garage door should just become someone else’s problem. But a door is central to the beauty of your home. Installing a new garage door vastly improves curb appeal so it looks great from the street. You’ll get more interest on the house, and ultimately a higher sales price because your home will literally be worth more.

Refinish Your Basement

Is your basement a relaxing living space you can enjoy? If it’s little more than a dusty dungeon, consider giving it a makeover. Most basements comprise a whole floor of a house, doubling or at least adding a third of the living space. Renovate it with some carpeting, wall paneling, and comfy furniture. It can be a great space to watch TV, install a bar to entertain guests, or give kids their own playing space. All that extra room can substantially improve the resale value of your home.

Open Up the Layout

Open spaces help a home breathe and make the living area less cramped. Consider knocking down a few walls to create a roomier feel. One larger room can be more comfortable and relaxed than 2 cramped rooms. A more open floor plan helps improve the property value, as well as resale interest.

Touch Up the Paint Job

How’s the paint in your house? You might consider giving the walls a touchup — or repainting the walls entirely if the paint is out of date and a new paint job is within your budget. If you kept a little paint from the last time you painted the walls, look up the brand and color number. You might be able to find the exact same shade — or something that will work just as well.

Renovate the Bathroom

Could your bathroom need a facelift? This is one of the first place perspective buyers will check. It’s often the hardest hit area of the home and can be an indication of how well taken care of the rest of the home is. Consider repainting the bathroom, replacing the fixtures, or adding some wall hangings for an attractive splash of charm.

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