3 Businesses that Benefit from Overhead Commercial Garage Door Installation

You don’t need to be a warehouse or auto body shop to benefit from an overhead commercial garage door. You just need to have a business to protect. Commercial garage doors are in high demand for all sorts of business for a very good reason — they offer fortified security with convenient access for large commercial vehicles. Here are 3 businesses that stand to benefit from a professional garage door.

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops

An overhead commercial garage door can be great for a customer-facing business. It’s a fashionable and trendy way to bring in the outdoors while still protecting your customers from the elements during bad weather. There are numerous attractive aluminum and glass doors available that are great for natural light. Open them up on warm sunny days so guests can enjoy the outdoors. On chilly days, guests can enjoy the warmth of the indoors while still appreciating the sun outside.

Fire Department

A working and reliable overhead garage door is literally life and death for a fire department. It’s the one thing standing between the fire engine and an emergency. You need the door to be able to open quickly and efficiently whenever the alarm goes off.

Office & Apartment Buildings

If you offer secure parking for your business or apartment residents, a secure door is essential. Clients, employees, or residents need a reliable and secure door easily accessible with a code or card pass. Often in these setups, space is at a premium. It’s important to choose an overhead garage door that can fit in a tiny space but still offer the fortified security you require.

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