Installing a New Garage Door? Check Out Our Buyer’s Guide!

Ask any realtor. A garage door defines the home and is one of the single biggest impacts on appraisal. That’s why new garage door installation has such a strong ROI — nearly 97%, virtually dollar for dollar, the highest of any home improvements. It’s all about curb appeal. The quality of your garage door pretty much defines it for the rest of your home. Garage door installation is an investment — one that pays off in the end.

That’s why we often recommend contemporary garage door styles for our Roseville, California customers looking to install a new garage door. Contemporary garage doors are what’s currently in style at the time. Choosing a relevant style will help your garage door and home look more up to date and aligned with the trends.

Some trends you might consider for a new garage door installation include:

The Beauty of Bold Earth Tones for a New Garage Door

Dusty, earthy colors like terracotta are very popular choices in new garage door colors, especially in California. It’s a muted yet powerful tone that can really help define a home.

Insulated Garage Doors

You definitely want to install an insulated garage door, even in a fairly warm place like Roseville, California because it will cut down on your energy costs. By installing an insulated garage door, you not only keep out cold air — you also keep the hot heat of summer from overheating your home. Insulation may cost a little more, but the energy efficiency of an insulated garage door pays for itself overtime in decreased energy costs.

Smart garage doors

If you are installing a new garage door  or even just a new garage door opener, you might as well catch up to the 21st century. A smart garage door gives you total control of your garage door from any connected device. You can open and close your garage door from your office, on the golf course, while you’re on vacation. It gives you total control.

But you don’t need to install a brand new garage door to take advantage of smart technology. All you need to do is install a smart garage door opener.

The Advantage of Multiple Materials for a New Garage Door

It’s becoming a trend to use more than one material for a new garage door. This can be done for both aesthetic and practical purposes. You can choose a new garage door made from aluminum, composite wood and fiberglass for better durability and visual appeal.

What are your goals and budget for your new door? Give us a call. We’d be happy to help!

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