How to Transform Your Garage into a Home Gym

In the midst of COVID-19, the idea of having a gym in your garage sounds pretty good to us. Who wouldn’t want to have a great work out without fear of catching or spreading the virus? If you are tight on space, a garage can be the perfect place for a gym. You can open the garage door when it’s not too hot on beautiful days so your workouts are essentially outside. It’s the best of both worlds.

This guide will help you plan the perfect gym in your garage.

Climate Control

The first step is to make sure your garage is temperature controlled because summers do get hot in Roseville, California. Make sure you have installed an insulated garage door. This is a good idea even in California because an insulated garage door will keep the hot air out, which can dramatically lower your cooling costs if your garage is connected to the home. Consider installing a portable air conditioner to further keep things cool.


You’ll probably be working out a lot at night, especially during the workweek. You don’t want the dingy track lighting that’s common to most garages. Install a quality lighting system in your garage that includes brighter, more vibrant LED lighting.

If your garage door doesn’t have windows, consider installing a new garage door that has ample windows for plenty of natural light.

Sound System

If you’re like us, music is your motivation. Sometimes a portable Bluetooth speaker doesn’t cut it. Consider having more ample stereo speakers installed in your garage for a fuller sound.

Wall Decor

The thing with a garage gym is you don’t want it to look like a garage. Decorate the walls with inspirational photos of your favorite athlete or sports enthused images. This will give your gym a splash of color and motivate you to get to business.

Vinyl Flooring

Nothing says a dirty garage like a concrete floor. Install vinyl flooring tiles to transform the space into a more suitable gym. This will make it more comfortable to work out in your bare feet. It’s also better for doing pushups, situps and other exercise.

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