How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door Color for Your Home

In the market for a new garage door? One of your primary considerations should be color. Choosing the right shade of garage door can truly complement the rest of your home — improve curb appeal and ultimately optimize the investment a new door makes in a home. Whether you’re repainting an existing door or installing a brand new door, this kind of change can really give your home a facelift. Here’s what you need to understand about color to make the greatest impact on your home.

Curb Appeal

You ultimately want the color of your door to improve the appeal of your home — and ultimately its property value. If you are putting your home on the market, you might consider a neutral color for your door. It really depends on how bold you want to be. In Roseville, California, bold colors can stand out in a positive way. But you want a color that is ultimately appealing, one that fits in with the rest of the neighborhood.

Should You Match Your Front Door?

There is some debate with this one. Some homeowners will automatically choose a color that matches with their front door. Perhaps if they are painting their garage door a new color, they’ll also paint their front door as well. It makes sense to match, but there’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to. Either way, you should get the colors to complement each other. You want to consider the look of your overall home and how it works with your door.

Should You Match Your House?

If you don’t want your garage door to take over your house, you might consider matching the door to your house. On the other hand, this can create a flat appearance that doesn’t stand out. We recommend a color that blends with the siding of the house and provides a nice complement to the color of the house. Like a rich tapestry, you want it all to flow together.

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