3 Signs It’s Time for a New Garage Door Opener

Usually, the garage door opener works so beautifully it’s easy to take for granted. Until it doesn’t — and then your whole world comes crashing down. Suddenly, you have to get out of the car in the pouring rain and open the door like it was 1976. Nope, it’s no fun at all.

The truth is your average garage door opener will only last about half as long as your garage door. So you can count on replacing your garage door opener at least once during the lifespan of your garage door. Is it time for a new opener or can you get away with fixing it? Here are 3 signs you might consider installing a new one.

Excessive Vibrations

A garage door opener that vibrates slightly may seem harmless, but we recommend keeping an eye on it. Chances are it will worsen. In fact, a vibrating opener can even break free from its mounting and crash to the ground (or worse — on top of your car). When crucial parts start to fail, it’s likely time for a new garage door opener.

A Suddenly Reversing Door

Most of the time a door that suddenly reverses is an indication you have a problem with your photoeyes — they’ve become dirty, misaligned, or have fallen off. You might also have something obstructing the door or at least blocking the sensors. We suggest sweeping the floor to be sure the bottom of the door is free from debris. If this doesn’t do the trick, you may be having problems with the opener itself. It may be time for a new installation.

A Noisy Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers have come a long way in sound reduction. Newer belt drive openers are noise resistant compared to the older bicycle chain openers. The difference really is a dream come true. If you have an older model that works off a chain, you might consider upgrading to a smoother rubber belt model — especially if your garage door is near a living area like a living room or bedroom. The peace of mind is well worth it.

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