3 Garage Renovations to Expand the Living Space of Your Home

Why settle for a garage that only stores vehicles, or worse, your old laundry from 1985? The truth is your garage can provide valuable additional living space for your home — a great way to not only relax but improve your property values considerably. Here are 3 garage renovations you should consider to expand your living space and get more out of your garage.

Of course, to truly enjoy your garage as a living space, it needs to be comfortable. That’s why we also suggest you install an insulated garage door. This will make your garage space livable, even in a warm climate like Roseville, California. An insulated garage door keeps the hot air out as well as the cold, so you can enjoy your garage on a hot Sunday afternoon, relaxed and comfortable.

Create a Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Transforming your garage into a home gym or yoga studio can be a great way to utilize extra garage space. You’ll of course want to properly clean your garage. We also suggest putting in some comfortable vinyl flooring to improve your workout. You might also consider decorating the walls with inspirational framed posters. Install exercise equipment, mirrors, and yoga equipment.

Transform Your Garage into a Man Cave

A man cave is a great way to utilize the extra space in your garage. It can be a nice solace that gets you away from the family, a space that is all yours. Organize and clear out the clutter. Install a bar, a pumping stereo, a few chairs, a couch, and a TV. Make the space feel comfortable with some hung drywall — painted in perfect man cave colors. Don’t forget a few neon beer signs and some proper lighting.

Build a Workshop

Like building things, working on cars, carpentry, sculpture? Take your hobby to the next level by transforming your garage into a workspace or art studio. Deck the garage out with storage, work tables, perhaps a car lift. Get utility cabinets for tools and supplies. And don’t forget quality overhead lighting. You want to be able to see what you’re doing.

Before you get into any of these projects, you really need to consider the state of your garage door. If it’s falling apart, beat up or missing panels, this can create a security issue. An old garage door will also lessen your enjoyment of your garage. You might consider installing a new garage door to truly maximize your new living space and enjoy your garage to the fullest!

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