Garage Door Tracks Out of Alignment? What to Do

The tracks of your garage door are a critical part of its mechanical operations. They provide the runway for the rollers to bring the door up and down as it opens and closes. If the tracks come out of alignment, the rollers will pop out and the garage door will go off track. The rollers may even get jammed so you can no longer open or close the garage door.

That’s why it is so important to have garage door tracks that are perfectly vertical. Occasionally, they may need adjustment to keep the garage door opening and closing smoothly.

Why Your Garage Door Tracks are Misaligned

Your garage door tracks usually become misaligned for one of two reasons: an accident or simply wear and tear. If something comes in contact with the garage door tracks, say a vehicle or other heavy object, this can push the tracks out of alignment. If this happens, there may be other damage to the garage door or tracks. You should call a professional for a more thorough inspection of your garage door to see if further repairs are needed.

Sometimes garage door tracks become misaligned due to simple wear and tear. You use your garage door at least 1000 times per year. The screws holding the tracks can become loose or the weight of the door could pull the tracks out of alignment.

Signs of Misalignment

The most common sign of misalignment is when you hear an unpleasant rubbing noise as the door opens or closes. The worse the problem becomes, the louder the noise gets. Eventually, the door will completely jam.

You might also notice a gap between the tracks and the rollers. If the problem persists, the garage door could easily come off track.

Call Professional Garage Door Repair

If your garage door tracks are out of alignment, we strongly caution you against repairing the garage door yourself unless you have experience in garage door repair. Your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. If you make a mistake, you could easily hurt yourself or cause expensive damage to the garage door or the garage door tracks.

Give us a call. We offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair and can fix the problem right away.

What to Do if Your Garage Door Comes Off Track

If your garage door comes off track, stop using the garage door immediately. You can cause expensive damage to both the door and the garage door track. Then this fairly affordable repair becomes several hundred dollars.

Give us a call and we’d be happy to fix the problem. We offer emergency garage door repair to the Roseville, California area.

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