3 Key Advantages to Installing Overhead Roller Garage Doors

A roller garage door is characterized by its ability to roll up around the drum on top of your door opening. This kind of overhead garage door is more common for businesses, but there’s no law that says homeowners can’t have one too — in fact, there are plenty of advantages. Here are some reasons you might consider a roller overhead garage door.

Roller Doors Are Perfect for Compact Spaces

A roller garage door is great if you have a compact space. With a traditional sectional door, the tracks that go along your ceiling will usually be slightly longer than the height of your door — say 2.6m to clear a 2.4m door because you need to allow room for the track system.

A roller door doesn’t require much overhead garage space because it rolls up neatly around itself at the top of your garage opening. It does require slightly more space between the ceiling and the top of the opening – than a typical sectional door. But that overhead space is free for you to use. This is perfect if you want to add a car hoist or use the overhead space for ladder or other equipment storage.

Size Versatility

Another advantage to roller doors is they can be manufactured narrower, taller or shorter. They can be made to fit any space, which is great for commercial businesses. A roller door can be manufactured to offer almost 50% more height and be almost half as narrow as a sectional door.


Roller garage doors are considerably more affordable than traditional sectional doors. If you’re looking to save money on your commercial garage door installation, a roller door is definitely worth considering.

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