Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Your Garage Door Repair or Replacement?

Will insurance cover your garage door repair or replacement? That depends. If it’s a maintenance issue or a wear and tear issue, chances are you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket. Most maintenance issues aren’t covered by homeowner’s insurance because they are the inevitable result of owning a home. But if the damage was caused by a car accident, vandalism, or severe weather, chances are it will be covered by either homeowner’s insurance or car insurance.

Car Accident

First, was the garage door damaged by a car accident? If you were the driver, your car insurance typically won’t cover it, since your policy probably doesn’t cover damage to your personal property. But your homeowner’s insurance will. If somebody else hit it with their car, they are responsible for the damages. This could come from their car insurance or they could pay out of pocket. If it’s a hit and run (yes, it happens), your homeowners insurance should cover it.

Vandalism or “Acts of God”

If your garage door has been vandalized, that comes under “malicious mischief,” and is covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance will also cover damage caused by weather.

Is Your Deductible Worth It?

Something else to consider is your deductible and the cost of replacing the garage door. Obviously, if it costs less than your deductible, filing a claim will get you nothing. If it’s only a few hundred more than your deductible, you might consider paying out of pocket if you can afford it, especially if you’ve already filed previous claims. Filing too many claims can raise your premiums.

If you do file a claim, make sure to have the proper documentation, such as police reports, photos, receipts etc.

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