Thinking About a Pet Door in Your Garage Door? Why That’s a HORRIBLE idea


A pet door for your garage door might not be the best idea.We know you’re thinking about Fido or Mr. Whiskers. You have their best interests at heart. You really do. And it makes sense that installing a pet entrance in your garage door gives them independence and makes them feel important in the family. You might even be thinking how it saves you time to open the front door for them! 

Except a pet door a terrible idea. Here’s why.

A Pet Door Makes the Garage Door Tempting

You don’t want your pet to move towards the garage door. The door can weigh hundreds of pounds depending on the material, which means it shouldn’t be a welcoming place for your pet. The truth is you want them to be a little freaked out by it. Your door is safer for pets if they run away every time they hear the motor. A pet door makes the garage door feel safe and cozy, Which is a terrifying prospect to consider when you’re using your door multiple times a day to park your car. A pet door can attract them to it, Turning a potentially deadly machine into a welcome oasis..

Compromises Your Home Security

You might think such a tiny door would be of any use for thieves. But even if they can’t fit through it, a skilled thief can use the door to access the inside with special tools that allow them to open the door. It’s not a risk worth taking, as it compromises not only what’s inside your home, but also your pet. A general issue with pet doors, either at the garage or at the front door is that theyexposes your home to “critter thieves” — rats, opossums, raccoon, and skunks. You or your pet could be in a big surprise next time you go into the garage.

While a pet door is a tempting idea, the cons outweigh the few pros. Sure, giving your pet more independence is always great to build trust, but having an open door for them could potentially spell disaster.

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