Restyle Your Garage Door with Decorative Hardware

When it comes to garage doors, the concept of curb appeal holds a unique charm. A stunning garage door doesn’t just enhance homeowner satisfaction; it can also elevate property values. In fact, it’s no secret that curb appeal is the primary reason why a new garage door installation offers one of the highest returns on investment among all home improvements. The good news is that you don’t need to go all out and replace your entire overhead door. You can breathe new life into your existing one by adding decorative hardware. It’s a fantastic means to boost the curb appeal of your garage door. As a bonus you’ll be increasing the property value of your home and, of course, your own satisfaction.

Don’t Overlook the Garage Door in Any Home Makeover

When homeowners contemplate home redecoration, the garage door often finds itself at the bottom of the list. However, adorning your garage door with decorative hardware is a cost-effective improvement. It can revitalize your garage door’s appearance without investing in a complete replacement.

Affordability Meets Garage Door Transformation

The beauty of decorative garage door hardware lies in its affordability. You can achieve a refreshed and stylish look without breaking the bank. It’s a practical and budget-friendly way to rejuvenate your garage door’s appearance that enhances your home’s exterior.

You Can Enhance Curb Appeal Simply with Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware is a simple yet powerful way to transform your garage door. It allows you to add character, charm, and a touch of sophistication to your home’s exterior. You can choose from an array of styles, including handles, hinges, and faux windows, which can mimic the look of carriage-style doors. These small additions can make a remarkable difference in the overall appeal of your garage door.

Handles are a very popular addition to garage doors. A new handle updates the look of your door. Paired together with a paint job, and suddenly you’ve got a new garage door face that’s quite exciting. You’ve remade your door without having to spend the money to replace your garage door.

Decorative hinges are a great way to bring out the rustic charm to a garage door. This type of hardware accoutrement is particularly alluring in a country setting or for a door you want to give a more rustic look. It gives an existing garage door a barn door feel, like the classic carriage doors of the past.

Clavos are essentially decorative nails that look like bolts studded into your garage door. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes — pretty much anything you want. Clavos are a great way to bring out a rustic or industrial look in a garage door.

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