Installing a New Garage Door? Why You Should Hire a Professional

Let’s face it. Some jobs are better left to the experts. You don’t do your own root canals do you? Nor would you redo your own roof or build your own house — unless you were a professional in the industry. Garage doors are no different. Unless you are a garage door professional by trade, you really have no business installing a new garage door yourself. This is not a DIY garage door repair job.

Here’s why you really are better off calling in a professional to install your new garage door.

Garage Doors are Investments

A new garage door costs thousands of dollars. It’s a serious investment. Why would you want to botch up such a substantial improvement to your property? With this much money on the line, you really should make sure the job is done right by hiring a professional to install your garage door.

You Might Void the Warranty

Garage doors come with warranties because they are such substantial investments. The catch is you might completely void the warranty by installing the new garage door yourself — and for good reason. There is a delicate balance in installing a new garage door. Everything has to be installed perfectly. This requires highly specialized tools and expertise. If you install a new garage door yourself it may work all right for the time being, but then completely fall apart a month later. You are putting your safety at risk — as well as the value of the new garage door itself — just to pinch a few pennies.

Bye Bye Old Garage Door

Another major perk to hiring a company for the new garage door installation is they will remove the old door. If you do try to install the new door yourself, you’re stuck taking apart the old one and figuring out what to do with it. That means expensive waste removal — an added cost.

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