Make Sure Your Garage Door Opener Fits Your Needs

From chain-driven to wall-mounted to smart garage openers – the choices can make your head spin. Fortunately, this guide can help you get a jump-start on sorting the options that are likely best for your situation. Here is information on garage door opener installation, when you get to that step

Before you dive into options, you should consider the variables you are dealing with. Is your garage door a standard size, or over-sized? What material is it made of (aluminum is obviously a far lighter weight than, say, wood or steel)? What proximity is your garage to frequented living space or sleeping quarters? This will tell you how much you might value a quiet garage door opener. If you opt for a smart garage opener, distance to WiFi will be a factor. Consider these things before shopping for a garage door opener – you’ll be glad you did.


Economic and a good choice for moving light doors. Motor can be loud or quiet depending on choice. Maintenance is often minimal. This is the most commonly used type of garage door opener, and for good reason – it does the job and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Reliable and powerful. Usually the go-to for moving heavy doors. On the downside they can be loud. Maintenance is often minimal. Keep in mind that while a larger motor may cost more upfront – it’s also more likely to stand the test of time. 

Wall Mounted

By design this style minimizes overhead clutter by not requiring anything to be ceiling mounted. Generally, this style is less cost-effective than the above choices.

Direct-Drive (Also Known as Belt-Driven)

Similar in build to chain-driven, but usually is the quietest of the bunch. Makes use of a steel-reinforced rubber belt. Requires regular maintenance. These units often make use of DC power which gives a very quiet experience. Price can vary.

Smart Openers

State-of-the-art technology that makes uses your WiFi to allow remote access on a mobile device, integration into smart home tech, and connection to a myriad of Bluetooth accessories. The sky is the limit here, folks. 

Ultimately, the choice and installation of garage door opener that is right for you depends on several things. What style of garage door are you most interested in? Do you need extensive ceiling clearance? How close is the garage to your home, and how much is noise a factor? And of course, the factor of budget is always a consideration.

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