More Homeowners Enter Through the Garage Door than Front Door

Are you underusing your garage door entrance? You could be making life easier. Making use of this entryway makes sense for a couple of reasons. The garage door is often opened and closed with the touch of a button. No need to fumble with keys and juggle things you are holding – and you are always holding something, right? We won’t even talk about navigating the gauntlet of screen doors. Garage doors often have locking mechanism that do not need to be engaged by hand, which gives us peace of mind. And let’s face it – when it comes to home luxuries, bigger is almost always better. Why should you consider using the ‘big door’?

You Can Hulk More Groceries in One Trip

It is a well-known fact that the average person tries to carry exactly one more grocery bag into the house than they logically should. Using the garage door allows you to bypass this limitation. No more banging up door frames or waiting for the significant other to pass through first – the intimate ballet of grocery unloading can occur together! Go forth and unload that trunk in one fell swoop!

Keep Your House Cleaner

Think of the garage space as a very large entryway. Some folks wear shoes in the house, while others strictly do not. Regardless, an overwhelming majority are fine with wearing shoes in the garage. This extra room of buffer will minimize tracking dirt into the home. Set a chair or two inside the garage with a shoe rack or mat – problem solved. Otherwise you are stuck doing an awkward dance of taking off your shoes directly inside a doorway.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

It doesn’t get more convenient than opening a door with the press of a button. This reason alone teases most of us to push a button to enter our homes. The autolocking feature is an added safety bonus as well. Approximately one-third of criminals claim to have simply entered through an open door – and use of a garage door in-part eliminates this loose end. 

In conclusion, we challenge you to rethink the garage space as solely a place to store things or vehicles. Think of it instead as the hidden gem of entranceways. See why the majority of garage owners are choosing to enter through the garage door than the front door. Make the features of your home work for you. Try it – you might just fall in love with it.

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