Painting Your Garage Door Can Give Your Home a Cohesive Look

Ever wanted to achieve a custom, consistent look to the exterior of your home? Well, if you have a wooden, aluminum, or even vinyl garage door – you can! This is an easy way to add curb appeal and aesthetic value to your residence. This easy first step may include matching or color-coordinating the external trim and wall surface colors. Because of how large the garage door is, it is often the first thing that catches eyes when viewing your home. Regardless of if your trim is ornate or simple – painting the garage door can add an elegance to your home with the small investment of a weekend project.

Why Match Trim and Door Colors?

Painting your garage door the same color as the surrounding trim has several benefits. Matching these colors often gives a more impressive, larger appearing exterior surface. Clashing trim and wall colors can often make the surfaces appear smaller. Depending on the colors chosen, you can often achieve dramatic and over-the-top looks that will set your home apart from everything else on the block. But customization is the ultimate goal – make your home your own. Your home isn’t just an assemblage of big-box store parts, so make it look that way!

Overhaul Your Exterior

While painting a garage door is not always possible on every garage door material type (wood, aluminum, and even vinyl can work), you can always consider swapping the door to further increase the attractiveness and value of your home. It’s weekend projects like this that help you separate your pad from the pack. A fresh coat of paint on your garage door will not only give a custom exterior look, but depending on the door material, can also be adding life and longevity to the largest door in your home. So, what new look will you be giving your garage door?

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