How to Lubricate a Garage Door

The occasional squeak that can be heard when opening and closing doors in your home is often ignored or considered minor. However, the sound of grinding or squeaking from a garage door when raised or closed should not be taken so casually. Performing biannual maintenance and visual inspections on the moving and non-moving parts of your garage door is an important preventive measure that can ensure your garage functions properly throughout the year. Read on for tips on how to lubricate a garage door.

Steps to Lubricate a Garage Door

Before you begin the process of lubricating your garage door, refer to the owner’s manual and verify what types of silicone or oil can be applied to your specific garage door model.

Step 1:

Perform a visual inspection of the garage door by standing inside and watching the moving parts such as the hinges, rollers, and springs. Pay close attention to the entire tracking system and listen for grinding or squeaking as the door lifts and closes. Be sure to remove any noticeable obstructions, dirt buildup, and any grime using a clean rag.  Be careful to not manipulate components of the garage door system.

Step 2:

Using a high quality silicone spray, apply it lightly onto the entire length of the torsion springs and hinges to ensure the oil penetrates between the seams. Wipe away any oil that can be seen dripping with a rag. Open and close the garage door several times and listen for squeaks, squeals, or grinding to ensure the moving parts and hinges are properly lubricated and allow the silicone to flow.

Step 3:

Using a non-bleach detergent solution and water, use a sponge or cloth to clean and remove loose debris, grime, and the build-up of grease on the roller track. Do not attempt to make adjustments or fix issues yourself to avoid creating further damage to these components. Contact a qualified garage door technician for further assistance with fixing these issues.

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