How to Keep Pests out of Your Garage

Pests – from furry critters to six and eight-legged creatures – are known to seek refuge in your garage for any number of reasons. They may be attracted to any food products, they may enjoy the dark or damp environment, or they may simply be seeking shelter during the colder months. If you’re starting to feel like your pest-control fight is a losing battle, look no further than these simple suggestions to get rid of pests and keep them gone.

1) Check regularly for infestations.

Even if you haven’t seen any rodents or insects crawling around your garage, it is wise to keep a lookout for any signs of infestation. Check any cracks and crevices where bug nests or entryways for critters may exist. It’s likely they will hide from plain view, so the more diligent you can be the better. If you locate a potential point of entry for pests, you must then identify what kind of pest you are dealing with. Signs of chewing or scratching may indicate rodents have been sneaking in, while nesting materials or dead/abandoned bug carcasses will indicate a bug infestation.

2) Fill in the cracks

Once you’ve identified the weaknesses in the fort where critters are sneaking in, plan to do a deep clean of these areas. Once you’ve cleared all signs of the pests from your space, fill in any cracks or holes and repair any damage done to the integrity of your garage. Depending on the severity of the damage done, you may or may not be able to DIY the fixes. Either way, before you can begin future pest prevention, it’s essential to identify the spaces that were previously infiltrated.

3) Make sure your door is closing completely

One of the easiest ways for unwanted pests to make their way into your garage is through a door that isn’t working properly. If your garage door isn’t closing, this can be an issue with spring tension, an issue with your garage door being off-track, or even an issue with the motor and controls meant to keep things running smoothly. If your door doesn’t quite meet the floor of the threshold, attaching a weather strip to seal the gap may be the only fix you need. But if there are any other issues with the hardware of the door, consider calling a professional who can diagnose your problem.

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