When Is It Time to Replace My Garage Door?

Investing money and time in ensuring your garage door is working smoothly is invaluable in extending its lifespan and regular functions. But what are the signs that it may be time for an overhaul of your overhead garage door? 

If your garage door starts making a funny noise or isn’t running entirely straight, you may not need to abandon ship altogether. Any issues that can be traced to smaller aspects of the door’s hardware – such as damage to a single panel, a torsion spring, or a garage door motor battery – can likely just require a localized fix. If you replaced the whole door for every worn down spring or screw, you would be looking at a lot more money and energy than entirely necessary.

You should keep an eye out for symptoms that indicate your garage door needs more than a minor repair. These may include:

  • Severe damage to multiple garage door panels
  • Loud and unpleasant noises that can be traced back to damage to the integrity of the door
  • Severe damage to multiple parts of your door – one damaged spring is a different animal than a damaged spring, track, or motor all at once

There’s no shame in wanting to replace your garage door for cosmetic reasons. Haven’t gotten a new door in over a decade and want to keep up the appearance of your house’s exterior? Consult with a garage door professional about a new door that fits with your desired aesthetic. Just because everyone else in your neighborhood is content with the same old garage door look doesn’t mean you also have to be!

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