Garage Door Repair 101: Should You Remove Torsion Springs Yourself?

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The torsion springs on your garage door are the heavy duty springs connected to a parallel metal rod directly above the opening to the door. These springs work by building and storing tension through a twisting action. As the door closes, cables attach to the bottom corners of the door connected to pulleys the springs are mounted on. The pulleys turn the rod, twisting the springs and creating the necessary tension to raise and lower your door with ease.

One thing’s for sure — torsion springs can be dangerous to repair. They require the tools and expertise of a garage door professional.

Signs of Worn Out Garage Door Springs

If you notice the door getting heavier, it’s a sign your torsion springs are aging and will need replaced. We highly recommend that you call a professional garage door repair company because working with garage door springs can be dangerous to repair. Feel free to reach out with any questions. We provide emergency service and garage door repair, 24/7, to the greater Roseville, California area.

Safety First — Consider Calling Professional Garage Door Repair

If you do have a broken garage door spring that needs repair, don’t disconnect the opener from the door. The door may come crashing down under its full weight with nothing to stop it — which is highly dangerous, especially for kids or pets. Never leave the door open with a spring broken. It’s too easy to suddenly release the door or someone might try to close the door and not realize how heavy it really is.

The thing about repairing garage door springs is that they are always under tension. To safely remove a torsion spring, you’ll need to control the tension by placing a solid metal winding bar against the spring and loosening it by manually unwinding the spring. (You’ll need two rods to be able to safely do this.) The spring is extremely dangerous until it is unwound. This can be a complicated garage door repair. That’s why many professionals caution against DIYing this repair because of the skill required and the risk involved. These springs can cause serious injury if they suddenly snap.

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