Drowning in Toys? Tips to Organize Your Garage

Got kids? Then you’ve got toys. And the betting odds are 10 to 1 they’re taking over your garage.

We talk a lot about garage door repair tips on this blog. Today, I thought we’d try something different and discuss garage organization — mainly how to store the boatloads of toys any household acquires when kids enter the equation.

One benefit to a well organized garage, especially when it comes to toys, is fewer objects will get in the way of the garage door. We’ve encountered our share of garage door repair problems caused by a toy that got in the way. In fact, a misplaced hockey stick could even cause your garage door to go off track.

Declutter Old Toys

Let’s start by clearing space. Chances are your kids have outgrown many of the toys in your garage — that’s why they are in your garage in the first place. Decide what toys your kids actually play with. If your kids are old enough, they can help out with this process. Any toys that are in decent shape can be given to friends’ families that have kids or donated to the local Good Will. You might even consider having a garage sale.

Finding Storage Areas for the Good Stuff

Garages are great places for storage — a warm climate for storage is just one of the benefits of installing an insulated garage door, for example. But to make use of the storage space, you need to be organized. Dedicate a section of your garage for toy storage (just as Dad should have his dedicated space for tool storage). 

Install shelving for the toys. Hooks are also handy. Don’t forget about overhead storage — just make sure it’s out of the way of the garage door opener. 

Storage totes and bins will help store away all the clutter. Put your totes in easy to understand categories — sports equipment, biking accessories, dolls, beach toys, etc. Everything should have its place.

A Word About Cloth Baskets

Cloth baskets can be a great way to store stuffed animals and clothes, but they don’t belong in a garage. They can be susceptible to mold as well as infestations from rodents and other animals. Always store cloth baskets indoors. Anything stored in your garage really belongs in a plastic tote. There is less of a hazard if you have installed an insulated garage door to keep out the weather, but it’s best to keep it safe with proper storage options.

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