A Brief Guide to Car Lifts in Your Garage

If you’ve spent any time watching YouTube, you know it’s full of tips on DIY garage door repair. The quality of these videos can vary. Many of the garage door repairs they suggest aren’t really things the average homeowner can do themselves. For many repairs, they’ll still need to call in a garage door repair professional.

We’ve also seen many videos on auto repair. We can only assume the same rule applies — like garage door repairs, auto repairs should be left to a professional.

But one thing we saw that was interesting is a car lift. Installing a car lift in your garage for DIY car repairs does open up the possibilities of the work you can do in a garage.

Types of Car Lifts

Keep in mind there are 2 types of car lifts you can have in your garage — 2 post and 4 post car lifts.

A two-post lift uses two parallel posts to support the weight of the vehicle. Your car balances between the two at its center of gravity.

A four post lift has extra columns and is more sturdy. The beauty of these lifts is you can use them to store a vehicle that you might not be using often.

Placement of Lifts

It’s important to remember to place your car lift well out of the range of the garage door opener. You don’t want your garage door opener to come in contact with the lift, or you could have repair problems.

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