DIY Repair: How to Shorten a Garage Door Spring

If you’re doing your own garage door spring repair and happen to order the wrong spring, no worries. You can still save yourself the cost and time of reordering the spring with a few DIY techniques using household tools you probably have laying around in your garage.

If the Spring is Too Long

If your new garage door spring turns out to be too long, try shortening the spring with either a torch or a hand grinder. A Dremel tool will work well.

The first step is to remove the cones at the end of the spring. In fact, you might want to try to remove the cones on the old spring before purchasing a new spring. If it’s too difficult, it may have rusted on. In this case, you might want to consider calling a professional and saving yourself the trouble. That last beer in the fridge is calling your name. Do you hear it?

Next grip one end of the spring 180 degrees from the end with a pipe wrench. Grip the other half of the spring and push down on the wrench and the vise grip simultaneously. Adjust the size of the spring to the right specification.

Reinstall the cone on the spring. And presto, you should have the right size of spring for your DIY garage door repair.

Safety First, Spring Installations Should Be Left to Pros

While you can shorten the spring of your garage door, the installation should be left to a professional technician. Garage door springs are tightly wound and under significant tension. They’re potentially hazardous and at worst lethal when mishandled. Incorrect adjustments can lead to spring failure, causing severe injuries or property damage. Professionals possess the expertise and tools to safely and accurately adjust or replace springs. It’s always safer to rely on their experience, protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your property from potential harm. When it comes to garage door springs, safety should be the top priority.

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