Ceiling Brackets: A Simple Solution for Storing Your Ladder in the Garage

Ceiling BracketsIf you own a home, you need a ladder, even if you only break it out a few times a year to clean the gutters, hang Christmas lights, or rescue the occasional cat from a tree. The rest of the time? Your ladder takes up valuable space in your garage. It can also be a safety hazard, not to mention a risk to your garage door. You won’t believe how many busted windows, dented doors, we’ve had to replace because a ladder suddenly came crashing down.

The Answer’s Right above Your Head

Look up. You’ve got practically an entire extra garage in the ceiling space itself. Ceiling brackets are an organizing dream come true. You can safely store the ladder out of the way, and conveniently get it down when you need it. Once you’ve got ceiling brackets installed, place on end of the ladder on one side of the bracket, and slide the ladder safely into place on the other side. Getting it down is just as easy. And you can always tie the ladder in place for added security.

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