Ceiling Brackets: A Simple Solution for Storing Your Ladder in the Garage

Ceiling Brackets

Every homeowner knows the importance of having a ladder on hand, whether it’s for occasional tasks like cleaning the gutters, hanging Christmas lights, or the occasional rescue mission for a stranded cat in a tree. However, when not in use, a ladder occupies valuable space in your garage. They pose safety hazards and, surprisingly, a risk to your garage door. The number of busted windows and dented doors we’ve had to replace due to a ladder suddenly crashing down might astonish you. The solution? Look up! 

Your Walls Shouldn’t Be Your Only Storage Space

The ceiling space in your garage offers an untapped resource, and ceiling brackets emerge as an organizing dream come true. By installing ceiling brackets, you can safely store your ladder out of the way, freeing up precious floor space. Retrieving it becomes a breeze – simply place one end of the ladder on one side of the bracket and slide it securely into place on the other side. The process is equally effortless when you need to bring it down. For added security, consider tying the ladder in place, ensuring both convenience and safety in your garage organization. With this simple solution, you can avoid the risk of garage door repairs or broken glass in your space. It’s a simple change that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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