Moving? Why a New Garage Door Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List

Get The Most For Your Old House

If you’re thinking of moving, it might not make sense at first to install a new garage door. Let that old door be somebody else’s problem, right? Well, if you want the best price for your home — no. Any real estate agent or home expert will tell you that small repairs and installations can boost the value of your home significantly, especially in a hot real estate market. 

The truth is that a new garage door has an extremely high return on investment, higher than almost any home improvement there is. It’s close to 97%, virtually dollar for dollar. This is especially true if you’re selling your home. That’s when you need to do everything you can to boost its resale value. This is why a new door should be at the top of your to-do list, next to refreshing the trim and fixing that upstairs leaky faucet.

Curb Appeal

How your home looks from the street is the single biggest factor in determining its worth. Your overhead door will likely be the first part of the house that potential buyers will look upon to form their first impressions. If your newly installed door is clean, modern, and inviting, there’s a chance those positive sentiments will extend to their time inside the house. A new garage door boosts curb appeal with obvious benefits. A freshly installed door  also improves your home’s efficiency, which further enhances home value.

Consider a Smart Garage Door Opener

With a new door, you can step into the 21st century with smart garage door tech. This further boosts the value of your home. Modern smart garage doors not only provide options like being able to remotely lock your door but they also feature a variety of safety and preventative measures which make your garage door more secure from outside forces. You can’t put a price on safety, especially when it comes to attracting new buyers.

What If I’m Not Selling? 

On the off chance you’re not selling your home and are instead using it as a rental property, it’s still a smart idea to install a new door or at least get your existing setup repaired. Not only will a fresh and sleek door with the latest tech attract potential renters, but it will also save you a headache as both a landlord and homeowner. If your garage door is old and rusty and prone to issues, you won’t be able to just prolong repairs and say: “I’ll deal with it the next day.”  As a landlord, you’ll be expected to make quick, emergency garage repairs, which can become pricey. Get ahead of these issues by installing a new door and giving your garage a fresh, new start. 

Whether you’re selling your home or renting it out, it’s wise to make as many repairs as possible to boost the value of your home. Not only will the new homeowners appreciate it, but you’ll be able to pad out your pocket with a bit more change.

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