Is Your Garage Door Unsafe? 5 Essential Repairs

Most people don’t think about garage door repair until their door is broken. By then, you’re calling a garage door professional who specializes in emergency repairs — and likely paying far more than you should. The truth is regular maintenance should be an ongoing item on your to-do list, something you do seasonally, like cleaning out the gutters or mulching the beds.

Make regular maintenance for your garage door a habit. You’ll spend less on repairs — and you won’t be stuck with a broken garage door at 6 a.m. as you’re trying to leave for work. Regularly inspect your garage door and follow up on any needed repairs. It doesn’t hurt to ask a garage door professional to do their own inspection.

Here are 5 essential repairs you should do to maintain the life of your garage door.

Safety and Looks

Keep in mind that your garage door is probably the biggest moving part in your home. Most times, it works so smoothly we don’t even think about it. You can easily forget the door is actually a several hundred pound object.

Plus, a door makes up 25 to 45% of the front facing facade of your home. So if it looks terrible, this can seriously affect your property values.

Garage Door Springs

Sagging or rusty springs are a serious safety issue. Most springs are designed to last 7 years. Most homeowners can’t remember the last time they changed theirs. It’s a good idea to visually inspect your springs and even call a professional to give their honest assessment. Springs can be extremely dangerous. It’s best to have a professional garage technician adjust or replace your garage door springs before there’s a problem.

Loose Bolts & Nuts: A Problem Easy to Fix

Loose bolts and nuts can make for a noisy garage door. The parts tend to rattle loose, which can lead to even more problems. This repair has an easy fix. Take a lug wrench and tighten down all moving parts about every 6 months. Your garage door will operate smoother and need fewer repairs in the future.

Rollers: Are They Smooth and Round?

Rollers are another garage door part that could be a safety issue. It’s a good idea to check them from time to time to see if they need replaced. Rollers should roll — not slide. They should be round and smooth — not square. When they roll, they should stay on the shaft, not be ready to come off. Any rollers that are worn will need to be replaced.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate All Moving Parts!

A little garage door lubricant goes a long way. Be sure to oil down all moving parts with an approved garage door lubricant. Don’t use WD40 as this can cause the parts to prematurely rust.

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