How To: Garage Door Spring Repair

If your garage door spring breaks and you are trying to have it replaced, the first step you should take is to avoid opening or closing the door. If you attempt that, the door opener may be damaged and leave you with a much larger repair bill.

Garage Door Spring Replacement 101

Use the correct springs

The first step in repairing springs is ensuring that you use the correct type of spring. Some technicians even have a hard time estimating the type of spring your door requires by sight. The best way to confirm is to weigh the door on an analog scale. However, keep in mind that most manufacturers give their springs a 20-pound allowance. It is best to be on the higher end of that scale.

Safety first

When replacing the spring, you must assume that it will explode as you remove the old one. Thus, you must keep your head out of the way. Otherwise, the impact of an exploding spring could put you in the hospital or worse.

Have all the tools you need

Ensure that you have at least two vise grips for the job. You will also need an adjustable wrench and a pair of winding bars. Besides that, you will need a ladder and a rag to clean your hands.

How to tell if the spring is installed correctly

When winding the spring, it usually tends to grow longer as you wind it. If you find that this is not the case, it means that you are winding the spring in the wrong direction. This is dangerous and you should exercise extreme caution

Garage Door Repair Roseville Can Help!

Sometimes, it might actually be better to call a technician, especially if you don’t have the right equipment to begin the repair or aren’t certain of your ability to effect the repair yourself. Our trained professionals can replace your springs for a price that will make you smile.

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